A bit of rain for the Cloud.

“To the cloud!” implores a recent series of Microsoft commericals. The cloud, or the notion of a transition from local storage of data on devices to third party storage on a server, is being heralded as the step of the future. But, can we honestly trust cloud storage? We have seen we cannot count on consistent uptime as demonstrated by the recent downtime experienced by Amazon’s Cloud servers which took down such sites as Reddit and the entire Whiskey Media suite of suites, amongst numerous others. For a large swath of the Internet’s major sites to become inaccessible for a notable length of time is an irrefutable flaw that demonstrates that the cloud is not reliable enough for any critical piece of data. Is the cloud at least secure? It would seem not. Sony, a major corporation, recently experienced a large scale intrusion that revealed private user data, with some rumors speculating that Sony was running unpatched server software with known flaws. So, we presently have high profile incidents indicating that data in the cloud is neither suitably secure nor reliably available. The cloud is not fully ready for prime time, despite the intents of Chrome OS, a Google operating system that would only operate in the cloud. The infrastructure needs to be vastly more fail safe before it’s entirely suitable for consumers, let alone for the enterprise level.

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