A few days ago it was made official: Katie Couric would be leaving her position with CBS’ evening news broadcast. Replacing her would be an experienced, male member of 60 Minutes. While in a flawless world this would merely be the transition from one journalist to another, it must be viewed in the lens of the actual reality of which we live. The addition of Katie Couric to the CBS news broadcast was seen as a notable move to differentiate their broadcast in large part due to Katie Couric being a female anchor. Now, the evening news across the broadcast networks is back to traditional Good Ol’ Boys’ system.

It seems dubious that a pure meritocracy only selecting the most qualified individuals would just so happen to almost exclusively male anchors. Despite how progressive American society as a whole has become in regards to the employment of women, television news still seems to treat them mainly as eye candy, or so the lack of homely female anchors would seem to suggest. But to offer them the same opportunity to lead an evening news broadcast a male colleague might have? That experiment was tried and it failed. It seems the industry that can’t keep up with changing business trends is still decades behind on social trends. Maybe this is part of why so many people feel the media is out of touch with the common person?

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