CNN has gone crazy, or how they learned to stop fearing obsolescence and embrace the downfall.

Fox News has a conservative base and, for now, powerhouses such as Glenn Beck. MSNBC has a more liberal base. So how does CNN, seemingly more “down the middle,” differentiate themselves from the rest of the market? Apparently, it involves simply giving up any attempt at being taken seriously. CNN seems to be under the impression that online news is working pretty well, so why not just duplicate that? Turn on CNN, and you can be treated to a smattering of tweets picked out to fill time, because why waste it on actual journalism? That would be too expensive. And since online news sites allow users to pick their desired news content at will, why not let viewers vote for what content they want to see? Months ago, they offered just that. Has CNN simply given up? For a company that pioneered a national 24 hour news channel, the idea that they could turn into a station that appears to have looted the Internet’s garage sale and attempted to cobble coverage out of it seems almost ludicrous.

And yet, here we are. News channels have to adapt to the competition and paradigm from online news sources, but attempting to use said news channel to offer some bizarro curated Internet experience is a complete mistake. CNN is not Twitter, Reddit, a blog or any other such thing. Perhaps then, it is time it stops aspiring to be all of those things and goes back to actually doing proper journalism, the way CNN used to be noted for.

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One Response to CNN has gone crazy, or how they learned to stop fearing obsolescence and embrace the downfall.

  1. eurobrat says:

    And don’t forget that these days, any time I turn on CNN I always see Piers Morgan interviewing one of the Kardashians.

    I wish I could get BBC News instead 😦

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