Is cable dying?

Hulu continues to premiere exclusive content while Netflix is reported to have won a bid for their own exclusive television series. These services have offered television content at prices ranging from free to substantially undercutting typical cable monthly rates, in addition to offering movies. All of this available a la carte and on demand rather than the typical linear nature of television. News is easily available online and, as covered in a previous post, often there faster. Sports are moving online, further removing any exclusives from cable. This allows people further freedom to pay for only the content they want and to get it cheaper and when they want, and most importantly, without paying a dime to traditional cable providers.

Content providers and consumers are increasingly less beholden to cable companies, which are consequently rapidly losing their relevance. Some are petitioning for bandwidth caps and a lack of net neutrality for their respective internet services which they tend to have monopoly control of in their respective markets, but the trends seem irreversible. Cable is on the way out, even if it digs in its heels and refuses to go away quietly. The Internet has usurped content providers in multiple fields, and will likely only further expand its reach with time.

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