Google’s Gamble

As mentioned earlier, cloud computing is not quite flawless. That has not stopped Google from announcing they will be renting out “Chromebooks” running Chrome OS. Renting hardware might seem odd, but the view of Google appears to be that the hardware is merely a means to an end.

To demonstrate the potential power of web applications, Google premiered Angry Birds. Nothing to convince the enterprise like offering another platform to ruin productivity. Couple that with the fact that reviews describe the game as exhibiting lag, confusing controls, working better on phones a host of errors that differ between users, which is something IT departments will love and this gesture is potentially not the most reassuring.

Still, Google seems committed to pushing the web as a platform and making the desktop irrelevant. But between the lackluster performance of Angry Birds and the flaws in cloud computing, it will remain a while before it is considered fully acceptable for the majority of consumers, even despite Google’s determination to make it succeed. If web apps can’t even handle a simple game, how are we to trust everything to this platform?

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